Upcoming Workshops

 Photogravure Workshop with Byron Brauchli

This workshop consists of the production and printing of a 9 x 12 inch copper plate photogravure.  The student will learn to print a film positive (from digital file or original negative), expose, grain, and etch the copperplate, subsequently experimenting with a variety of Izote Etching Inks and printing techniques on papers of his or her choice. This workshop features the classic dust-grain gravure technique dating back to Karl Klíc. We will also discuss contemporary adaptations, specifically the use of calibrated QTR digital positives and their linearization and profiling. Date: March 27-30, 2020. Hours: 10:00 to 19:00 hrs. Duration: 40 hours. Cost: $500.00 U.S. – All materials are included for plate production and printing. Six students maximum. Location: Ediciones Izote, José Clemente Orozco Coapexpan Col. No.28, CP 91070 Xalapa, Veracuz, Mexico. Cel +(521) 2281050755 Tel + (52) 228.813.2007